String Bands - Mummers Museum
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The String Bands


The Sting Band Division is the musical highlight of the Mummer Parade. The String Bands are known for their happy music and elaborate costuming. The first String Band participated in the 1901 parade as a novelty. This continued to grow and in 1915 their own division was formed.


The string band sound is unique due to the instrumental make up. This include Banjos, Mandolins, Violins, Accordions, Saxophones, Bass Fiddles, Drums and the Glockenspiel.  The instrumentation is string, reed and percussion as brass instrumentation is not permitted. The members of the various bands are amateur musicians and professional musicians are NOT permitted.  The various bands in this division perform throughout the Country and the World bringing joy to many.


For many years bands would perform marching band style drills for their presentations. This change in 1976 when the first dance routines were present in their presentation. Today the bands use elaborate props and scenery along with Broadway style choreography to put of four and a half minutes shows. These shows resemble mini musicals.


The dedication of the members in this division is of the highest level as show in the showmanship and performances year after year. The men and women of the String Bands meet weekly year round to perfect their music and routines.




The officers and members of the String Band Association are happy to announce our Inaugural String Band Association Telethon at the Mummers Museum taking place on November 14th, 2020 from 4pm to 10pm.


Our telethon will be televised on our Facebook and YouTube pages for over six hours with our goal being to raise money to continue to provide an atmosphere that promotes integrity, camaraderie, strong family values, community, inclusion, and pride.


Our telethon will feature participants with a variety of talents including singing, dancing, comedy, and a variety of other forms of entertainment. We will also have performances by the String Bands in addition to local celebrities & personalities.


Stay tuned for more information regarding the “SBA Telethon 2020”.